Togetherness in a Blanket

Watching TV became more comfortable.

For those precious moments of togetherness, you won't forget.

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One for Everyone.

Blankets with Designs or Jacquard, Baby Blankets, Pillow, Duvets and Comforters form our range of products.

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  • baby blankets
  • Designer/Jacquard Blankets
  • Pillows/Duvets/Comforters

Addictive Sleep

Evergreen blankets are the best companions for the night & day-dreamers

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Who we are?

We do not sell blankets, we provide comfort, protection, design & sleep.
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Why Evergreen?

I'm spending my night cuddled up with a blanket, spending some quality time with me, myself and I.
My blanket saves me from demons in the night and the freezing cold at night. I love my blanket.
It's a lonely cold world. Get yourself a blanket & learn to stand alone.

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Washing Polyester Items
How to care for your 100-percent polyester?
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Cotton Blankets
Blankets made of 100 percent cotton offer soft comfort, breatheability and absorbency.
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Caring for Electric Blankets
A blanket with an integrated electrical heating device usually placed above the top bed sheet
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Caring for Silk Blankets
Silk, a natural material made by worms...
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A Family Tribute

Mr. Valabdas Keshavdas set up Evergreen Traders back in 1924, one of the leading companies in Dubai. We have inherited from him the virtues of hardwork & persistence, today after 90 years, we have established absolute trust in the Middle East & African Markets. Mr. Valabdas was very popular amongst the ruling family of Dubai, U.A.E.

By Prakash Bhatia, MD